24th August 2017

GCSE Results 2017!

I am delighted to be able to share another outstanding set of GCSE results which are testimony to the hard work, dedication and determination of our young people as well as the staff and parents who have supported them in preparing for these examinations.

In the run up to the launch of the new GCSEs, it was widely reported that only 3% of students would be awarded a level 9 in the new, more challenging, English and maths papers however I am delighted to tell you that an incredible 26.7% of our maths students, 17.1% of our English language  and 22% of our English Literature students attained this top grade 9 in these papers.

63.6% of students in maths, 60.5% of students in English Language and 58.5% of students in English Literature achieved a grade between 9 and 7 which is outstanding!

Looking at our other subjects in the ‘old style’ GCSEs, 38.8% of all results were graded A* with a further 31.5% graded A meaning that 70.3% of all such examinations taken resulted in an A* or A grade.

96.12% students achieved 5 or more GCSES at standard pass/grade C or above including English and maths with 97.6% students achieving 5 or more GCSES at standard pass/grade C or above.

My thanks go to our wonderful staff who worked so hard to ensure that all students received the expert instruction and guidance that they needed to achieve these excellent grades, to you the parents who have supported your young people through this difficult time and to our brilliant students themselves who worked so very hard to do themselves proud. We wish you all the very very best for the next steps you will be taking in your education.

Mrs H Nemko, Headteacher