25th September 2017

Year 7s ‘go wild’ at Bushcraft!

Many thanks to Ms McClean for this report:

‘On Monday and Tuesday of this week, Year 7 donned their walking boots and walked into the wilds of Hatfield Woods for two fun packed days at Bushcraft. They spent time with their new form groups and form tutors, getting to know each other better and sharing the experiences.

Not only did they learn how to set a trap (some of them even practiced theirs on the teachers) and whittle wood into a tent peg, the students also learnt about the history of shelters. They then built their own woodland shelter, and were given the option to sleep in it rather than the tent that had been provided. Far more than we expected took the makeshift choice, and surprisingly got a good night sleep! The following day the students had the opportunity to build their own fires (under close supervision, as with all the activities) and to cook their own kebabs on the open flame.

Thank you to all the form tutors and prefects who made the visit so special for the students. And to the Year 7s for making it such fun for us!’

‘Physics At Work’ for our Year 11 students!

Last week, the Physics department organised for 44 x Year 11 students to attend the ‘Physics At Work’ Exhibition at the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge University. Many thanks to Year 11 students Neve and Matthew Mayes for the following report:

‘We were split into smaller groups and each group saw a series of different exhibits, where we gained first-hand experience of what is happening in the world of science today. The exhibits were presented by the university students and people working in industry. We learnt about the uses of physics in everyday life, through a series of presentations and practical demonstrations. Some of our favourite exhibits included learning about quantum physics and superconductivity (this was about metals with special properties that allowed them to “hover” above or below magnets and conduct electricity with 100% efficiency), and learning about sonic tractor beams. It was very helpful to help us think about future career options and highlighted the link between physics, engineering and computing. We would like to thank Mr Poliakoff, in particular, for organising this trip and Mr Holden and Ms Valente for making the trip possible.’

Invitation from the OSA!

All parents/carers of Year 7 students and new Year 12 students are warmly invited to attend a Cheese and Wine Reception this Thursday from 7.30pm in the Main Hall.

Please come along as it is a fantastic opportunity for you to meet fellow new parents, members of the OSA (Owen’s School Association), our Headteacher, Mrs Nemko and many of the form tutors!

You can find out more about the OSA by visiting their website: www.theosa.org.uk