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Familiarisation Papers

Verbal Reasoning, English and Mathematics

These papers have been made available to ensure that all children have an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the format of our up and coming tests.  They are NOT definitive and the inclusion of any question types are examples only and do not imply that they will be found in the final tests.

Additional English and Maths papers are available to purchase – please find further information regarding this here


Our Verbal Reasoning test is produced by GL Assessment who have provided us with their sample material.  This will enable children to familiarise themselves with the format of the tests and to practice how to complete the answer sheets which will be marked electronically. For more information on computer marking please refer to our FAQs.   Please note that the subject areas and the length of tests vary.

Whilst we have contractual rights to provide parents with these papers, private tutors or other private organisations may not feature this page and/or these materials (or any part of them) on their websites, or copy, reproduce, distribute or otherwise use or exploit these materials or any part of their content without the prior consent of GL Assessment.  For further enquiries, please contact admissions@gl-assessment.co.uk.



Additional Familiarisation Papers to Purchase

The following additional papers are available to purchase:-

Mathematics Practice Papers (5 papers in pack published August 2012) £15.00

English Practice Papers (3 papers published May 2017) £9.00

English Past Papers (3 papers 2011-2013) £9.00

Postage and packing £3.00

Papers can be purchased from Reception on school days between 9am – 3.45pm or sent by post on receipt of a cheque (made payable to Dame Alice Owen’s School) to the address above. Please note we do not have a debit/credit card facility. Please include a self addressed adhesive label with your cheque. There are no commercially available or recommended practice papers for our Verbal Reasoning Paper. The familiarisation paper on the website is the only sample available and is intended to give all children a feel for the appearance of the actual assessment.

Please note that only children living within our Local Priority Areas are eligible to take our tests. Before purchasing papers please ensure that your child’s permanent address falls within one of these areas.

We would appreciate if you could refer to our comprehensive FAQs list before contacting the school with any further queries, as you may find the answer to your question here. This will enable our Admissions Officer and general office staff to deal with priority calls – thank you for your consideration.