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ICT Support

Computer Network

We have a large complex computer network on which we run Windows 7 and 10 plus a variety of software, with Microsoft Word and Excel being the most widely used across departments. We also have a considerable number of wireless laptop computers available for pupils to use during lessons. All students are allocated their own computer Username and Password and are given a personal directory on the network to store their own work. This may be used by them during lunchtime in the Libraries or at Computer Club, as well as in lessons.

Access to the Internet is available throughout the school. Students are expected to use this resource sensibly for study purposes only.

Our computing facilities are extremely good and we try to maintain this level of excellence by continual investment in the equipment and by strict rules for the use of the computers and computer rooms which are available to read in the pupil handbook and in the INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY (ICT) POLICY Appendix 1 on this web site. Please follow this link:


We hope that all students will enjoy using the facilities and find that they become fluent in using the computer as a tool to aid their understanding and to enhance the presentation of their work.

Year 8, 9, 10, 11 and Sixth Form students are now able to join their own tablets or laptops to the school’s wireless system to use in the classroom and for research.

Google Classrooms has been introduced to allow access to resources from home as well as at school.

Mrs P Stewart (Network Infrastructure Manager)