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Library Catalogue
at school, at home, wherever you are


The ONLINE library catalogue enables users to search the catalogue for
items in the library and related websites from any computer with
internet access. Once you are logged into your library account you can also renew issued items online and make reservations and requests. The catalogue can be found at:


There are also links on the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) and the School website to take you straight there.

Log in with your VLE username and use the password changeme (then please change it to one of your choice).

Search the catalogue, then email the Librarians and tell us what you think!


Mrs S. Compton BA MCLIP – Librarian –comptons@damealiceowens.herts.sch.uk
Mrs L Rolfe BA – Assistant Librarian
Mrs J. Revell – Assistant Librarian

Opening Times

Monday-Thursday: 9.15am – 5.00pm
Friday: 9.15am – 4.30pm

The Library is situated on the top floor of the Edinburgh Centre. The Library comprises two rooms, fiction and non-fiction. It is staffed throughout the day and after school.

All students and staff are members of the Library and may borrow books and other resources.

Years 7-11 may use the Library at lunchtime and after school for quiet study, recreational reading, borrowing books and using the computers. The Sixth Form may use the Library throughout the day for silent private study. All Year 7 and 8 classes have a regular timetabled English lesson in the Library to enable them to choose books, to experience a range of reading related activities, to enjoy a period of silent reading and to encourage reading for pleasure.

On Wednesdays at lunchtime the Library Shop sells stationery and books at very competitive prices.

We aim to meet the needs of students by providing books, newspapers, magazines DVDs, computers and electronic resources that support the curriculum and encourage reading and research for study and pleasure. The Librarians hold poetry and writing competitions and organise visits from authors and poets to talk to students about their work.

The Book Club meets on Fridays at break when members can discuss what they have been reading, choose from the newest books and become involved in national activities, such as Carnegie Shadowing, and writing competitions.

fiction_libraryThe Fiction area contains a large collection of books especially chosen to appeal to students of all ages, interests and abilities, from the latest publications to established classics. The librarians are on hand to provide suggestions and advice with the choice of books. Books written specifically for children and young people can be found in the ‘Lower School’ section. ‘Young Adult’ novels, which are often aimed at teenagers aged 14 and over, are clearly marked. Books in the ‘Upper School’ section include many standard classics and contemporary novels which will be suitable for students in all year groups. Some ‘Upper School’ books are restricted to older students, and lower school students will be asked to obtain parental permission before they borrow these items.

non_fiction_libThe Non-Fiction area has a comprehensive collection of books and other resources such as pamphlets, journals, magazines, newspapers, CD ROMs and DVDs. There is a collection of non-fiction and fiction, in the foreign languages taught at school. All students have library projects where they visit the library as a class to do research and extend their information handling skills. The Non-Fiction collection comprises many attractive and inspiring books which may be borrowed for study or pleasure.

Online resources: The Library provides access to a range of online e-books and data bases to support reading  for pleasure and study, including access to international data bases of journal articles.

Library Web Pages

The Library has an extensive area on the school Virtual learning Environment (VLE) which has information about books, authors, useful websites, and resources to help with homework. There is a Blog with library news information and students are encouraged to express their opinions about books on the many interactive forums and surveys. Students also write reviews of books and author visits to add to the site. Information such as booklists, links to recommended websites for homework and online databases are available to help with study. Log-in via the link above, click on Departments, then Library.

Borrowing books

All books and resources borrowed from the library must be properly issued on the Library Issue System. Year 7 students may borrow up to 4 books at a time and may renew them if they are not required by another borrower. Students are responsible for returning or renewing their books by the return date. Reminders for overdue books are sent weekly to each class at registration. Students who fail to return books after 3 reminders will be given a lunchtime detention and a letter will be sent home to the parents requesting the return of the book or payment for the cost of replacement. If items are still outstanding 7 days after this letter to the parents an after school detention will be given to the student. If the book is returned or paid for before the detention date the detention will be cancelled.

The library stock is constantly being added to and the librarians are always pleased to consider requests for books that the library does not have. Books on loan to other students may be reserved.


The Library has 11 computers, with filtered Internet access. Priority is given to students without computer access at home and to those using them for school work. The Library computers must not be used for games or chat rooms. All students must follow the school Code of Conduct for using computers. Floppy discs must not be used in school but USB memory sticks are allowed; memory sticks may be purchased from the library shop.


Black and white photocopies may be made at a cost of 10p per A4 sheet (20p for A3).

The Book and Stationery Shop

The Library Shop is open on Wednesdays at lunchtime for pupils to buy stationery. Items may be purchased at other times on request. The bookshop holds occasional sales of donated new books at reduced prices, arranges book swaps, and holds book fairs. All profits from the shop go to the library and are used to buy extra resources and fund visits by authors and poets. The librarians welcome help from parents who would like to assist with the bookshop on Thursdays, or to help in the library generally. Please contact Mrs Compton if you would like to help. E-mail comptons@damealiceowens.herts.sch.uk or phone 01707 622 864.