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This popular Advanced Level subject attracts students interested in current affairs and domestic British politics, usually with History, Philosophy and Economics.

In Year 12 we study and visit Parliament and its relationship to the Government and we analyse and discuss how well Parliament carries out its key functions, a topic that tends to encourage a lot of debate amongst our very able students! Moreover, we study the Prime Minister’s role and his/her relationship with the Cabinet.  Students are again, encouraged to analyse the Prime Minister’s effectiveness and influence amongst the electorate and the rest of Parliament.

We also look at British democracy and political parties and pressure groups, the judiciary, constitution and elections. Students study key events such as the Scottish Referendum in 2014, General Election in 2015 and the EU referendum in 2016. We held a very successful Mock General Election in 2015 where the school’s Labour Party ended up forming a coalition with the Liberal Democrats and we are about to hold a mock EU referendum which will encourage younger students to learn about politics and to start becoming politically active from a young age.

In Year 13 we study Political Ideologies. These include Conservatism, Socialism, Liberalism and Anarchism for Unit 3 and Feminism, Ecologism, Nationalism and Multiculturalism for Unit 4. These are very theoretical they help our students truly understand the reasons behind party politics and ideas. Most of our students find this useful for subjects such as Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) or Political Theory at University level.

We take pride in our Politics Department ability to educate younger years despite it not being a subject students can study at GCSE level. Our A Level students are always keen to help us educate Lower School students and to take an active role in promoting their love for our subject.

In addition, the majority of our students decide to continue their love and passion for the subject at University level in order to deepen their understanding.

Ms O Cornejo Gutierrez (Head of Politics)