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Frequently Asked Questions

We are always trying to improve the information made available on our website for prospective parents, parents and students. If you have any additional questions you would like answered or information you would like to see posted here, specifically for the Sixth Form, please email year12entry@damealiceowens.herts.sch.uk with your request – thank you in anticipation for your feedback.

Dress Code

The Sixth Form dress code is “smart office wear”. We believe that this not only prepares students for their studies but also for life beyond school. We have produced a guide of what we mean by “smart office wear” and expect students to follow it. On certain occasions, students will be asked to wear , which consists of dark suit, white shirt and tie for boys, black skirt and white shirt/blouse for girls.


You are expected to follow the normal school requirements for attendance. If you wish to leave early or arrive late, or wish to be absent for a special reason, you should bring a written request from your parents to your Head of Year, via your Form Tutor. Punctuality is expected, and you should report to the School Office if arriving after 8.50am or leaving early, otherwise you will be marked absent and enquiries will be made. If you are aware in advance that you will be missing lessons, you should inform the subject teacher concerned.

Please note! If you fall below a minimum of 90% attendance at AS and A Level lessons, you could have your place withdrawn.

Cars and/or motorcycles or mopeds

If you wish to bring a car or motorcycle or moped to school you must:

  1. hold a full licence;
  2. bring a letter to our Head of Sixth Form from your parents requesting this permission, and taking full responsibility for any accidents;
  3. complete the school check list, giving details of type of vehicle and registration number, insurance certificate number and name of insurers.

Please note! The Governors cannot take any responsibility for vehicles (or items in them) parked on or near the school premises. Parking space at the school is very limited and Sixth Formers are not allowed to use the school car parks. The roads near the school can also become congested and these factors must be taken into account when deciding to bring a car to school. Permission to drive to school will be withdrawn in the event of careless or dangerous driving or parking.

Part-time jobs

We recognise the need for you to earn your own money and the educational experience that such jobs provide can be valuable. You should, however, think carefully about commitments which are going to encroach upon your study time outside school, and bear in mind the fact that with the modular nature of the new courses, revision will be required at fairly frequent intervals.


Smoking is banned at all times on school premises and when walking/travelling to or from school. Offenders risk serious consequences if discovered, in view of the risk of damage to property, to individual health and to the health of others.