30th September 2019

Politics students visit Europe House!

Many thanks to Mr Latham for this report:

This week the Politics department took all year 12 and year 13 politics students to Europe House in Westminster. Europe House is the EU’s headquarters in the UK and as such is at the epicentre of the UK’s process of leaving the European Union. The education officers there ran a series of workshops and activities that supported, stretched and challenged our students’ understanding of the institutions of the EU. They also sought to achieve the impossible in explaining the questions we all want to know the answers to; What actually is Brexit? How will it work? And, what happens next?

We were particularly proud of our students during their EU quiz when they (on average) answered 10/18 questions correctly. By comparison, a sample of 50 sitting MPs scored a measly average of 7/18. Clearly then, our students ought to be the MPs of the future! We are hugely grateful to Sam and the staff at Europe House for running such an entertaining and challenging two days of workshops.

National Poetry Day – Thursday 3rd October

In order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of National Poetry Day, the Library department are holding a competition for all students to write a poem on the theme of ‘Truth’.  Entries should be submitted to the Library by Friday 11th October and house points will be awarded for entries and to the winners.

For more information, please speak to Mrs Compton, our School Librarian.

Michaelmas Day remembered!

Many thanks to Old Owenians, Valarie Cross (nee Stubbs) and Pamela Mansi (nee Stubbs), two of the four sisters who attended Owen’s from 1943-55, who once again sent us these beautiful flowers along with this note:

‘Michaelmas Day, 29th September, was always celebrated as the School’s Birthday at Owen’s Girls School. Honour Dame Alice Owen. Best wishes Pamela Mansi and Valerie Cross.’