5th September 2018

Costa Rica – Summer 2018

Many thanks to Mr Johnstone, Head of RS, for the following report:

Summer 2018 proved to be another amazing adventure for the RS Department with more than 80 current Yr11 and Yr12 students travelling to Costa Rica for two weeks.

Full details to follow in the October Half Term newsletter but as a general overview the students enjoyed guided tours of the rainforests with an education of their importance and how they work. Within the rainforests they saw a diversity of wildlife including its most famous inhabitant, the sloth (they literally do live up to their name!), birds, insects, frogs etc. Perhaps the most incredible encounter with the wildlife was being able to witness the protected Green Sea turtles nest at Tortuguero Bay and tracking huge crocodiles that inhabited the rivers. From a geographical view we were also able to see the beautiful Arenal volcano where we were able to bathe in its hot springs. However, perhaps the highlight for most students (and staff) was being able to do the zip line activity over the rainforest canopy.

In short, a wonderful two weeks and my special thanks to Accounts, Reception, Maria Conte, Sarah Lofthouse, Dr Fraser Ingham, Richard Titley, Jonathan Robinson, Erin Friel and Helen Wootton who made this all possible.

Welcome Letter from Mrs Nemko now available!