8th July 2019

Year 7 Enterprise Day!

Enterprise Day is a cross-curricular event for the whole of year 7 led by the Maths department. The theme was Endangered Animals. This year it involved the departments of: Business and ICT, Art, Languages (German), Food Technology, Design Technology, Mathematics and the Deputy Head.

The year group were split into 20 enterprise teams. Each person within the team had a specific job title.  Each team was required to:

  • Bake 12 Identical cupcakes
  • Devise and stay within a budget
  • Market their cupcakes with posters and develop an advert via a storyboard.
  • Market the cupcakes abroad with a German advert.
  • Design and produce a T-shirt
  • Design and make a package to contain the cupcake.
  • Project managers to manage their team
  • A final presentation to be made

All project managers kept their teams on track throughout the day.  In the last hour, every team presented and delivered their pitch four times. A winner was selected from work done during the day, the cupcake sale and their final presentations. A sale of their cupcakes at lunchtime raised over £160 for the WWF charity.

A remarkable amount of work was completed by the year group in such a short time and 30 degree heat. Everyone deserves many congratulations for what was produced! The winning team was ‘Pawfect Penguin’ – congratulations to them!

Owen’s Bake Off 2019

Wednesday 3rd July saw the 9th annual lower school baking competition. 40 keen bakers from Years 7, 8 and 9 took part in a 2 hour competition to bake an item that celebrated the ‘Best of British. This year we were delighted to welcome Mr Fry and Mrs Shadbolt as our guest judges, who all did a great job of tasting 40 different dishes!

This year’s winners were:

Year 7: Annabelle with her Lemon and Elderflower ‘Garden Party’ cake

Year 8: Alice with her brandy snap baskets

Year 9: Aimi with her ‘Very Berry’ cream tart

The overall winner of the competition was Year 8 student, Evie Wootton, for her beautiful apple rose tart.

Year 8 Geography trip to Clacton on Sea

At the end of June, the whole of year 8 had a day out in Clacton on Sea to practice geographical data collection (and eat ice cream). Students collected plastic on the beach to see how clean it was (very clean!) and in the town itself they carried out a clone town survey. It was decided that Clacton was not a clone town owing to its many interesting independent shops. During the trip, the students ate almost all the ice cream in Clacton, and boosted the profits of the seafront shops as a result of buying candyfloss, plastic crowns and Star Wars footballs. We had positive comments about the students’ behaviour and had a great time.