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Potters Bar School

The Angel, Islington School

The Angel, Islington – Girls’ School

The Angel, Islington – Boys’ School

Masters of the School 1613-1840

William Leske 1613-1614 Resigned
John Hewes 1614-1617 Resigned
Mr Jones 1617-1620 Resigned
Mr Lymer 1620-1624 Died in office
John Weston 1624 Locum Tenens
John Jorden (Jowden) 1624-1626 Resigned
Nathaniel Bate 1626-1628 Resigned
Peter Dowell 1628-1654 Died in office
George Lovejoy 1654-1665 Appointed to King’s School, Canterbury
John Clarke 1665 Resigned
Mr Fowle 1665-1666 Resigned
William Smith 1666-1678 Dismissed
John Clutterbuck 1678-1692 Dismissed
William Vickars 1692-1699 Dismissed
Roger Rogerson 1699-1711 Resigned
George Thomson 1711-1716 Appointed to a Living in Kent
Laurence Brandreth 1716-1717 Resigned
Thomas Dennett 1717-1731 Ran away
Henry Clarke 1731-1738 Resigned
Richard Shilton 1738-1750 Died in office
David Davies 1750-1791 Resigned
Alexander Balfour 1791-1824 Forced to resign
Joseph Summersby 1825-1833 Died in office
John Hoare 1833-1840 Became H.M. of new school