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Sociology was established in the early 19th Century when Auguste Comte and other French academics argued that society’s dramatic changes needed to be examined and fully understood. As today’s globalised world is far from being perfect, our need for social awareness is arguably even more urgent.

Sociology offers students the opportunity to study and understand society in ways that are much more reflective than everyday ‘common sense’ views. Students will acquire the variety of skills offered by other Arts and Humanities subjects, with an emphasis on being able to write skilfully in timed conditions – thus being prepared well for all essay based courses.

Regarding the value of Sociology beyond the Sixth Form, it is a sound A-level subject for those applying for any Arts/Humanities/Social Science degrees and can, of course, be taken as preparation for any careers that are in some way ‘social’, such as Education, Law and so on.

Sociology is an established degree course at all universities, being a vital part of Cambridge’s Human, Social and Political Sciences degree and a key option in the renowned PPE course at Oxford. In recent years, the destinations of Owen’s Sociology students have included Geography (at Cambridge), Archaeology and Ancient History (at Oxford) and Social Policy at the LSE.

The AQA A-level course leads towards three papers of two hours each.

Paper 1: Education with Research Methods / Paper 2: The Significance of Families; the Media and Society / Paper 3: The Problem of Crime; Sociological Theory.

Should you have any queries, please contact Mr Dodd 
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Mr Dodd (Head of Sociology)