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Cognitive Ability Tests (CATs) –

These tests are no longer taking place on the 24th June. Please refer to the transition letter for further information (Click Here)

Dear Parent/Carer

Dame Alice Owen’s School
Year 7 Transition September 2020 – Cognitive Abilities Tests

Date: Wednesday 24th June 2020
Arrival Time: 1.45 pm – please do not arrive before this time
Exam Time: 2.:15 pm
Pick up Time: 4:30 pm – please do not arrive before 4 pm due to potential traffic congestion
Please bring: a clear pencil case, HB pencils and a rubber. Your child is welcome to bring a
small snack (no nuts) and some water to drink.

Every year we organise a battery of Cognitive Ability Tests for our new intake of students. These tests allow the school to have a reliable indication of the appropriate teaching group to place each child in and take place in the summer term to ensure students are appropriately grouped at the start of Year 7. Please reassure your child that these tests are nothing to worry about and they cannot fail them – it is not necessary to practice or revise for these tests.
I would be very grateful if you request permission from your child’s primary school for your child to join us for these tests as indicated above.

Please make arrangements to drop your child at the school at the Arrival Time indicated above. We suggest that children wear their primary school uniforms. A map will be available to view on the admissions section of the school website which shows the dropping off system.

Children will be accompanied to the test room by school staff and students in our sixth form where they will be registered. Unfortunately it is not possible for you to remain on the school premises during the time of the tests. Collection is from outside of the main school entrance at the Pick Up time indicated above. Limited parking will be available on site for collection.

The test consists of three papers (words, numbers and shapes) which are broken down into several short tests. There will be a short break during the afternoon.

if your child is unwell on the day of the tests please contact our Admissions Officer, Mrs Debbie Coles (telephone 01707-622876) email [email protected]

Please note we are unable to allow any child to leave the site unaccompanied unless we have received permission in writing from the child’s parent/carer.

By using the data from the CATs it is possible to gain a picture of the children we teach and assist us in identifying areas in which we need to challenge or support students.
Yours sincerely

Dr D Mitchell
Deputy Head Pastoral



CAT Test Drop Off and Pick Up Information


A. Drop Off Point

B. Pick Up Point

There is a one-way system in operation in the vicinity of the school.
To relieve traffic congestion we would ask that you drop off your child at the school and continue on your way.
Staff and Students will be available to ensure your child is escorted to the correct area.
If you are able to share transport, this will help to ease traffic congestion on the day.