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  • 5th October 2021

    Michaelmas Daises

    Every year, a dear pair of Old Owenians (The Stubbs Sisters) sends us a bright bouquet of flowers, always  inclusive of daisies, to mark the anniversary of Dame Alice Owen’s Girls’ School opening in Islington.

    This day is known as Michaelmas Day and pictured here are this year’s blooms.

    Another alumna, Marian Beaver (nèe Liddle) – Class of 1964 – recalls with great warmth and sentiment:

    “It (Michaelmas) was a truly great day for us each year, possibly eclipsing the day at the end of the year when we curtsied and received our Beer Money.

    What may have made it so memorable could have been in part due to us being children during the 1950’s.

    “School Birthday” provided some colour and sweetness in a rather grey and bleak era.

    None of us came from wealthy families and the visual reminders of the bombs that fell on the school was part of our everyday environment.

    Each class had a proper iced birthday cake that was cut and shared between us; we wore home made button holes comprising Michaelmas daisies wrapped in silver foil.

    We then all processed past the Angel to St Mary’s Church on Upper Street for a service of thanksgiving.

    It was, and remains for all of us, a truly memorable day.”

    A warm and heartfelt thank you goes to the Stubbs Sisters for their continued thoughtfulness.


  • 4th October 2021

    DAOS Golf Team

    The DAOS Golf Team successfully defended the Morkill Cup v Aldenham School last week. The event took place at Old Fold Manor Golf Club and was won by a team comprising:

    • Brendan Brunton (Capt)
    • Alfie Reynolds
    • Maisie O’Shea
    • Tom Ranger
    • Alfie Meekin
    • Fred Taylor
    • Josh Williams
    • Jonathan Boscott

    It was a brilliant performance in difficult conditions and was attended by several Brewers, including Tom Morkill the sponsor of the trophy.

  • 12th August 2021

    GCSE Results 2021

    It is, once again, with great pride that I can share the GCSE grades that our students have achieved this year:

    • 35% of all GCSEs were graded 9
    • 24% of all GCSEs were graded 8
    • 74% of all GCSEs were graded 9- 7
    • 95% of all GCSEs were graded 9- 5
    • 98% of all GCSEs were graded 9- 4

    15 students attained all 10 GCSEs at grade 9 with a further 30 attaining all grade 8s or 9s in their GCSEs.

    Our students need to be commended for the mature way in which they approached their learning throughout the GCSE course together with the manner in which they prepared for and sat their assessments.  The cohort deserves to be very proud of all that they have accomplished.  I hope that they can now rest well before the next exciting chapter of their education begins!

    Hannah Nemko, Headteacher

  • 10th August 2021

    A-Level Results 2021

    Our congratulations go to everyone who has received A level grades today.

    It has, once again, been a difficult year.  Our students are to be commended for the magnificent way in which they dealt with a great deal of change and disruption.  They showed resilience and great motivation and their hard work and drive to do well has resulted in the awarding of excellent grades.

    This year:

    • 40% of all examinations were graded A*
    • 74% of all examinations were graded A*A
    • 91% of all examinations were graded A*B
    • 99% of all examinations were graded A*C

    124 students (59.6%) achieved 3 or more A*A grades.  34 students achieved at least 4 A*As.

    52 students attained at least 3A* of which 15 students achieved 4 or more A*s.

    All 17 students who were offered a place at Oxford or Cambridge have secured the grades that they require to do so.

    I am sure that with the excellent results that they have worked so hard to achieve behind them, our students will indeed Never Stop Learning and continue to achieve great things in the next chapters of their lives.

    Year 13, you have been a remarkable year group; I look forward to hearing about all of your great next adventures!

    Keep in touch,

    Hannah Nemko, Headteacher

  • July 2021

    Intermediate and Junior Maths Challenges

    Congratulations to all those students who achieved so highly in the Intermediate and Junior Maths Challenges including all of those who then went on to win certificates in the Kangaroo and Olympiads! There were 59 Bronze and 69 Silver Junior Maths Challenge awards with 39 Juniors sitting the Kangaroo. IN the Intermediate Challenge, special mention must go the 10 students who achieved a merit in the Grey and Pink Kangaroos as well as to Matei Pirtac who was awarded a Merit in the Cayley Olympiad.


  • 9th – 11th July 2021

    National English Schools Athletics Championships

    Congratulations to five Owen’s students who competed at the National English Schools Athletics Championships on the 9th-11th July in Manchester where we competed in Javelin, 1500m, Triple Jump, 3000m and High Jump.

    Evelyne was in a tough Senior Girls High Jump competition finishing in the top 12 in the UK. Freya had a really tough 3000m final in a surprisingly hot Manchester, the pace was quick and there was a group of eight who broke off. Freya ran really well and finished a brilliant 4th in her final year. One of our Year 10 students was in a tough competition in the Triple Jump, missed the cut off and finished 9th.  Aimi had a highly competitive 1500m race where she ran strong and finished a fantastic 2nd with a brilliant time of 4.26.85 meaning she has now been picked to represent England in the England Schools International match later this year. Milo Grigson was our final student to compete over the weekend going into the competition ranked 16th in the UK. Milo threw a fantastic 40.68m to finish in 7th position! We are all very super proud of you all!


  • July 2021

    News from  the PE department:

    A massive congratulations to Year 10 GCSE PE student Alfie Reynolds who represented Middlesex U18 at the South East regional Golf tournament this term. The tournament took place over two days at Kings Hill golf course in Kent and consisted of two rounds using the medal scoring system. Alfie did extremely well finishing with the best score for Middlesex in round one and the second best score for Middlesex in round two. Considering that Alfie was playing against some older students, he did particularly well and the PE department is extremely proud of this achievement. Alfie is now competing in the England South Boys – Faldo Series, 12th -14th July.

    A special mention goes to Alex Lockett in Year 9 who competed in the Junior National Longbow British Outdoor Championships. The competition took place over two days. The first day, despite torrential downpours all day, she won with a score of 353, some 125 points ahead of second place. The second day Alex created two new national records! Well done Alex!


  • 16th July 2021


    End of Half Term Newsletter Now Available! 

    Thanks to our Parent Volunteer Newsletter Editor, Lynn Bath, for pulling together all the articles which reflect another amazing half term at Owen’s! Please see our School Newsletters page!

    Wishing you all a restful summer!


  • June 2021

    The 2021 Junior Summer Concert and the 2021 Senior Summer Concert.

    Following a fabulous set of Year Group [email protected] concerts in the first half of term, Owen’s musicians continued to work hard to create the programme for two more concerts, the 2021 Junior Summer Concert and the 2021 Senior Summer Concert.

    It was a wonderful, varied feast of music demonstrating how, even when split into Year group bubbles, Owen’s musicians have the commitment, talent and teamwork to produce exciting performances. Our thanks to all the ensemble leaders, ensemble assistants and accompanists.

    To watch either of these amazing concerts, click here:

    The 2021 Junior Summer Concert

    The 2021 Senior Summer Concert


  • 27th May 2021

    End of Half Term Newsletter Now Available! 

    Thanks to our Parent Volunteer Newsletter Editor, Lynn Bath, for pulling together all the articles which reflect another amazing half term at Owen’s! Please see our School Newsletters page!

    Wishing you all a restful half term!