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Key Dates

Entrance Exams – we aim to provide test dates by the end of the autumn term for tests taking place the following September in order that interested parents can ensure their child’s availability. One further date will be arranged, only if required, for children that are medically unfit on the test day (a medical certificate will be required) or have religious reasons for being unable to attend. WE ARE UNABLE TO ACCOMMODATE CHILDREN FOR ANY OTHER REASONS THAN THOSE STATED ABOVE.

Secondary Transfer Admissions entry September 2022

1st March 2022

National Allocation Day

Your home Local Authority will inform you  which secondary school your child has been allocated.

Secondary Transfer Admissions entry September 2023

4th May 2022 – Online Registration for Entrance Exams and Music tests opens.

NB: Your permanent home address must be within one of our Local Priority Areas by the closing date for test registration, in order to register for our tests. A list of these areas can be found here

9th June 2022 – Closing Date for Test Registration   We are unable to accept any test registration requests beyond this date as we are obliged to adhere to the dates published in our Admissions Arrangements.

Tuesday 19th July 2022 – Open Afternoon  – Time TBA

Opportunity for parents and children to see the School. Various activities will be taking place throughout the afternoon including musical interludes and science experiments. Admission information will be available, past papers on sale and staff on duty to answer any questions. Booking is not required. Please park with consideration for our neighbours.

Thursday 1st September – Part I Entrance Examination and Part I Musical Aptitude Test

Friday 2nd – Sunday 4th September – reserve dates only if required due to Covid-19 restrictions

w/c Monday 26th September – Second Round Musical Aptitude Test

Saturday 1st October – Part II Entrance Examination – English and Mathematics

Early October – provisional date  – tours of the school during a normal school day

31st October – Closing date to submit CAF application to your home Local Authority