Pastoral Care

From Year 7 to Year 11 students belong to their form group and will have time with their Form Tutor regularly throughout the week. (In the 6th Form, students are allocated a personal tutor). The Form Tutor is responsible for the pastoral care of each student and will maintain an overview of each student’s academic and personal development. This helps to ensure continuity of care for each student in a strong, supportive social group.

Form Tutors are the parent and student’s first point of contact should they require help or guidance. If the Form Tutor and parents feel that further support is needed, then the Pastoral Directors, along with the Pastoral Managers for each Key Stage, will ensure that the student receives what they need in order to thrive at DAOS. This may also include referrals to other Services.

Each Key Stage is supported by a Pastoral Director and Pastoral Manager, who also work closely with the Safeguarding Team. Our Matron/First aider is also available to help ensure that every child is happy and well looked after. We have regular access to School Counsellors and an Attendance Officer.

The school keeps in close touch with parents and aims to ensure that effective communication takes place between home and school.

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