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School Council and Student Voice at Dame Alice Owen’s


Active student involvement in learning, as well as involvement in decision making on wider issues relating to the school and the community, lies at the heart of our ethos at Dame Alice Owen’s School.

Students are consulted on Whole School issues and policies. Student feedback and input is highly valued.

They present their views and demonstrate their impact in the life of the school regularly at Senior Management meetings and at the annual Governors meeting.


Structure of the Student Council and Scheduled meetings

Years 7-13

Two form representatives are elected from each form with four from the year being selected to represent their year for a two year period. Year 12 and 13 reps are the Senior Team and two elected members of the student body.

The elected reps host ‘Drop In Sessions’ to have an easy and accessible way for the student body to communicate. Agenda and minutes of meetings are accessible on the ‘Life’ system for all to engage with and most recently the school have a twitter account that allows them to communicate in an effective way.

Whole School Council meetings happen once a month. Catering meetings are an excellent way for the reps and the catering team to work together to ensure a brilliant service and excellent choice. Catering meetings are held once a term. Student Leadership Meetings are held once a term and this is a great way for the reps to interact with the Senior Leadership Team and ask for things to be changed directly.

Year reps stand for two years. Year 7-12 have four year reps each year; two new members and two members who are in their second and final year serving on the council. Year 13 reps are the Head Girl and Head Boy. The student body elect their representatives through a voting system which takes place during form time.

Recent Successes

  • ‘Student Impact’ – students chair and minute meetings
  • Increased Twitter communication
  • Increased profile around school
  • Improved Colours Cup competition, incorporating sporting, academic and attendance figures into the interform scoring system
  • Regular assemblies to both upper and lower school, as well as individual year groups
  • Delivery of ‘teaching tips’ during staff briefings
  • Presentation video to the Governors in Spring term
  • Representing the school at open days or giving tours of the school
  • Attendance at the 7th Annual Hertsmere Youth Conference
  • Attendance at the Stonewall Conference
  • Creation of the Colours Cup interform quiz
  • Planning and delivering a successful Sports Day
  • Speaker’s School Council Awards 2014 – Highly Commended

Contact the School Council

Would like to suggest ways of how the school can improve communication? Speak to your form rep!

Follow the school council on Twitter; @DaosCouncil

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