Computer Network

We provide a range of IT equipment for students at the school to use including PCs, Macs, Chromebooks and laptops.  Students are provided with access to the latest software including cloud based apps through the use of a Google account. Subject specific software are also available. Each student is provided with user ID and password to allow them to access school systems and they must use their account responsibly, not disclosing their password to anyone else. IT facilities are provided during lunch time in the school library and in room K5 but often, if a staff member is available to supervise, you might be allowed to use other IT rooms if you ask and the library is full. There is a Computing and Coding Club during lunch and a Robotics Club after school once a week. 

As with all schools we do not have a limitless budget and so students should treat equipment with respect and report anything that is not working or broken to a member of staff so it can be fixed.  If students damage school equipment we may ask for payment to replace it. Filtered access to the internet is available throughout the school. Students are expected to use this resource sensibly and responsibly for study purposes. Students are given an email account through their Google account.  Years 7-11 have restrictions on their email messaging i.e. students can send email messages to any address but can only receive messages from within the Owen’s community.

Years 12-13 can send and receive emails outside of the Owens community but are reminded that they must only use their accounts for educational purposes and that their external email should be used cautiously and wisely, keeping e-Safety in mind.

If students have a smartphone or other device they can connect this to our WiFi network using the instructions posted outside the IT Support Office in K Block and on the student intranet. Students will also be shown how to do this in a Computing lesson.

Students and parents also have access to Edulink one, which is a school information platform that can be accessed on any device – PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device – via a web browser or via the EduLink app. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. It has an engaging user interface, allowing teachers, parents and students to communicate and access information. These include messaging, school reports and documents, homework, behaviour and achievements, timetables, attendance and absence records.

 Cloud technologies such as Google Classroom and Google Drive allow students to share files and work together with ease. However, students must be careful to ensure that work they hand in is their own. Also, it is not alright to use these sharing tools in a way that might be thought to be malicious. Any problems with computers, printers or any other hardware must be reported to the IT Support Team or to a teacher. Students should always log off after they have finished using a computer — not doing so will give others access to their files.  Whilst our internet is filtered to make it as safe as possible for learners to use, no system is perfect. If students find something online that makes them feel uncomfortable they must tell a teacher.

Most homework is set online, use of the Google Drive is encouraged as an easy way to transfer files from home to school and school to home.


• use any computer user ID other than their own

• attempt to access any part of a computer or network which they are unauthorised to access

• load any unauthorised programs on to the network

• copy files not created by themselves without permission

• switch machines on or off without permission or touch any plugs, cables or sockets

• disconnect or move any piece of equipment attached to a computer, e.g. printer, monitor, keyboard, headphones or mouse – ask your teacher to help

• print excessively – think before you print and use print preview to check you are printing what you think    you are printing – this saves trees

• enter a computer room unless accompanied by a member of teaching staff


Mrs Asaffo – Head of Computer Science 

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