Catering FAQs

How do I add money to my child’s catering account for breakfasts, breaks and lunches?

You can make a payment via .

To pay by you go to the secure payment site using the link at the top right of this page and logon in your usual way.  Use the ‘Catering’ button to make a payment.  All major debit and credit cards accepted.  Any payments made will be uploaded to the pupil’s id number in the cashless catering system.  If you have lost your log on details please send an email to [email protected] and a reminder will be sent back.  Payments take only 30 minutes to be added to your child’s account, so he/she can have access to the money almost immediately.

You can pay any amount of money into your child’s account – the minimum amount recommended for their account is £10, the average amount is around £50 and there is no upper limit. Your child can always check at the point of sale to see how much money they have left. Alternatively, you can login to your child’s WisePay account to check the following:

  • the daily “spend” limit for your child – this is automatically set at £5.80 unless you request to specify a different amount.
  • an itemised list of food and drink purchased by your child.
  • credits made to the system for any specified time period.
  • the account balance and available spend.
Who can I speak to if I have any queries about the system?

If you have any queries about the system or want to make amendments, you can contact Mr J Phipps (Catering Manager) on his direct line 01707 622856 between 6am and 2.30pm, excluding break (11.15-11.30am) and lunchtimes (12.35-1.35pm) or email him directly on [email protected]

What if my child does not hold a sufficient cash balance one day to pay for a school dinner?

Your child will not be refused a school dinner because they have not brought their dinner money to school with them. The catering department will allow for your child to go overdrawn for one day.  Your child will be expected to bring some money with them the next day to repay the overdraft and re-credit the system by using the Revaluation Station or by cheque payment to  ‘Chartwells’ via the catering office or online using WisePay.

What if my child is entitled to a ‘free school meal’?

The system works exactly the same for all pupils whether they pay or have a free school meal.  Your child will have their own account to use in exactly the same way. The amount allocated for the free school meal will be entered into the system by the software daily.

The system will then allow on a daily basis the required cash amount for your child to be allotted to their current cash balance. However, any under spend or missed dinner will be identified by the system and will not be added to the next day’s balance.

Your child can also add extra cash on to his or her balance in the system by using the Revaluation Station, to enable a greater daily spend on the school dinner than allocated by their free meal allowance.

Will my child have problems in using this system?

Some students may find it difficult to control their accounts for the first couple of weeks, but because of a daily spend limit, most learn this important life skill very quickly and will enjoy being in control of their account.

How is recycling encouraged?

Students are encouraged to recycle cans and plastic bottles in the bins provided in the Dining Hall.

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