Computing is a really exciting area to work in at present with information technology being integrated into most aspects of our lives.  With a dynamic Computing department, our aim at Dame Alice Owen’s is to equip learners with the skills and knowledge they need to be able to use computer systems effectively and safely as tools in their everyday lives and the workplace.



In Key Stage 3 learners have one lesson per week and we study topics ranging from coding (Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript) to effective data storage and modelling (using tools such as database management software and spreadsheets). We use tools such as image editing and animation software to teach the principles underlying Computer Science in a fun and relevant way.  Learners learn how to make good decisions when creating digital products because they understand how computers work at a machine level.  We also do lots of work to help learners understand their obligations online and safely use internet technologies.


In Key Stage 4 learners can opt to take GCSE Computer Science which further develops their coding and understanding of the theory of computing.  Time is given to develop a project in which learners code something larger than they may have been used to doing.  We aim to give learners who take the GCSE a high level of understanding of computer systems which will be invaluable in the modern world.


We offer A Level Computer Science in Key Stage 5.  It is increasingly important in many sectors beyond school to have a high level of knowledge of computer systems and be able to use computers to solve complex problems through the use of coding languages. The course helps students to develop a deep understanding of the principles of computing as well as affording them an opportunity to code an application which solves a real-world problem.

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Dzifa Asaffo (Head of Computing)

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