Vision, Aims and Objectives


  • To inspire, develop and support every student to be their best.


  • To enable pupils to achieve their highest standards of academic, cultural and sporting excellence.
  • To maintain the distinctive character of the school based on its long heritage and close links with the Trustees of the Dame Alice Owen Foundation.
  • To provide the optimum standard of facilities and resources to respond to the changes and development in education.


We strive to achieve our aims through:

  • providing a stimulating, ordered and disciplined environment in which all pupils can learn and thrive.
  • preparing pupils for responsible adult life through employment of appropriately skilled staff.
  • providing pupils with the skills needed for the changing world of work.
  • offering a wide range of extracurricular activities.
  • creating a caring and friendly environment caring for individual needs.
  • encouraging a sense of pride in belonging to the school.
  • Promoting respect and understanding of religious and moral values within the framework of British values and inclusive of all faiths and cultures.
  • developing self respect and respect for others.
  • enabling pupils to benefit from the history, tradition and experience of the Dame Alice Owen Foundation and the Governing Body.

Values and Ethos

  • Aiming High – striving for excellence, high achievement and personal improvement whilst developing challenging, creative and enquiring minds.
  • Personal Development – being involved, committed and enthusiastic members of the school community and beyond. Developing self-confidence, readiness for learning, relentless curiosity and respect for self and others. Understanding the need for discipline of how to keep oneself and others safe, whilst valuing tolerance, honest, loyalty and service to others.
  • Getting Things Done – focusing on commitment, accountability and productivity through effective time management and communication whilst learning from mistakes and accepting constructive review.
  • The Strength of Partnership – understanding how to contribute to and benefit from partnerships and communities through involvement in extracurricular, artistic, sporting and charitable activities within the context of the tradition of The Dame Alice Owen Foundation.

The OWEN’S Way

The aims and values of the school are represented by ‘The OWEN’S Way’ which all students and members of staff are aware of through assemblies and posters around the school, governors through meetings and parents via electronic communications.  This can be seen below:


Throughout the website and in particular ‘The Latest News’ section, we can see how the school embraces ‘The OWEN’S way’ and keeps striving to give our students the best education possible.



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