Vision, Aims and Strategies


  • To inspire, develop and support every student to be their best.


  • We will provide an enriching, inclusive and safe educational experience for all.


  • We will enable students to achieve their highest standards of academic, cultural and sporting excellence.
  • We will provide the best possible teaching input for our students, in the best possible facilities.
  • We will work to create a safe, supportive and equitable School community.
  • We will celebrate our centuries-old association with the Trustee of the Dame Alice Owen’s Foundation.


We will achieve the highest standards of student excellence by:

  • Delivering outstanding teaching for all and tailored additional support for those students who require it.
  • Ensuring the highest quality and consistency of student assessment and feedback.
  • Developing the understanding of metacognition amongst students and staff.
  • Encouraging all students to take advantage of everything the School has to offer, supporting where possible, to facilitate involvement.
  • Maintaining a broad and balanced curriculum with a rich extra-curricular offer.
  • Maximising student leadership opportunities at every Key Stage.
  • Delivering effective pastoral support and encouragement for all our students.
  • Ensuring the Learning for Life and Futures programmes equip our students for life after school.
  • Ensuring the highest levels of punctuality and attendance.
  • Embedding our behavioural ladder and expectations and linking it to the House system.

We will provide the best possible teaching input and facilities provision by:

  • Recruiting and retaining talented and committed staff who embrace the Vision, Aims and Values of the School.
  • Providing staff CPD pathways to enhance teaching skills and learning at every level.
  • Communicating effectively across the staff body and ensuring staff input and involvement in key policy decisions and changes.
  • Promoting positive staff mental health and wellbeing with a focus on maintaining a reasonable workload.
  • Delivering a capital investment plan that ensures maintenance of existing facilities and development of new facilities when affordable.

We will work to create a safe, supportive and equitable School community by:

  • Ensuring outstanding safeguarding processes, resources and reporting for all students and staff.
  • Working to secure excellent student behaviour
  • Promoting an actively inclusive and equitable school environment.
  • Ensuring the curriculum is diverse, supportive and inclusive.
  • Promoting celebration and respect of all through allyship and events.
  • Encouraging reporting of hurtful language.
  • Embedding the Student Voice via the School Council.

We will celebrate our centuries old association with the Trustee of the Dame Alice Owen’s Foundation by:

  • Celebrating those unique events (Visitation, Beer Money, Sixth Form lectures and Schools’ receptions) that reinforce the School’s special relationship with The Worshipful Company of Brewers.

Values and Ethos

The School’s Values and Ethos are embodied in the Owen’s Way, which flows through every aspect of School life:

The OWEN’S Way

OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL – Delivering an inclusive education for every student

WINDOW TO THE WORLD – Equipping our students to succeed in adult life 

EXCELLENCE IN EVERYTHING – Ensuring that members of School strive to be their best

NEVER STOP LEARNING – Encouraging an on going appetite for understanding and insight

SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY – Creating a Whole School community that supports every one of its members




School Contact Info

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Mon – Fri 8:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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