Get to Know the Rooms and Buildings


The newest space in the school where you can sit and chat between lessons.

It’s called the Brewer’s Garden; the school has links to the brewing industry. You’ll learn about that in Year 7.


The school hall is used in all sorts of ways.

We have assembly in there in the morning on some days.

At break and lunch time you can go in there with some friends and eat your lunch.

And throughout the year there are concerts, school plays, gym, dance and other performances in the room.

Sometimes, there are visiting theatre groups, authors, and other reasons to go to the hall with your teacher.

The Edward Guinness Hall (or EGH)

This is our concert hall, where you may well perform inone of our many concerts or musicals.

Some people have instrumental lessons in there too, and some of the extra curricular activities (like junior choir, second orchestra, percussion group) rehearse in there.

Sometimes, assembly happens in the EGH, and when we have visits from speakers they will often use this space.

The Fiction Library

You will come here regularly with your English teacher for a library lesson, once a fortnight. You can read and borrow from the large collection too.

The Non-Fiction Library

You will have some resarch lessons in here, and may come on your own at lunchtimes and after school to read or complete independent work or homework.

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