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School Closure Procedure

In the event that the School needs to close (e.g. due to snow), we will notify you as soon as possible. This will be done via:

1. A message via the Herts County System – you would need to register to receive these messages. Please do so by clicking on the link/copying it into your browser and following the instructions:

Click the “Sign Up” button and you will be led through the process. If you have a child at more than one school you can register for those schools as well as Dame Alice Owen’s.

You can have more than one sign up per family – your child minder/grandparents etc could choose to be alerted as well.

Once signed up you will be able to receive messages relating to the status of the school. You do not need to sign up to this system, but if you do you will automatically receive a message about the status of the school immediately.

In the event of bad weather these notifications will also appear on a noticeboard on You do not need to sign up to access this and you can just visit the website in the usual way.

We will also seek to notify you by:

2. Notices on the school website

3. A message via InTouch

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Mr A Wileman, Premises Manager on 01707 622 861 or at [email protected]