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Senior Prefects

Selection Process

Each February, our Sixth Form team ask the Year 12s (Lower Sixth) to vote for who they think they’d like as their Senior Prefects (appointments run from February Year 12 to March Year 13 (Upper Sixth)). This vote then leads to a shortlist, followed by a second round of voting, this time including staff. The top two students become the Senior Team Prefects and are informed of their success by the Head of Year.

The Senior Team Prefects have a responsible role – they have a weekly meeting with the Head to discuss whole school issues and are expected to represent the school on a range of occasions. These might include giving a speech at the Prospective Parents Evening, showing dignitaries or special guests round the school, attending the Old Owenians Harold Moore Annual Reunion Luncheon in October Half Term, voicing their opinions in governors meetings, leading their team of forms on Sports Day and playing a large organisational role at the end of the year and at Visitation. The Head Prefects are rewarded for their efforts with prizes at Visitation and £10 Beer Money!

Missing Names

We are still trying to find the missing names of some of our past Senior Prefects (for example, we do not have Honours Boards for Islington Girls’ School). If you know of any of the missing names from the years below, please email [email protected].

Class of Head Prefects Senior Prefects
2023 Florence Crofts


Lierre Henry
Daniella Adebayo
Louie Bailie
Nashita Karim
Alfie Mitchell
Anish Shah
Benedict Vincent
Delfin Yucebas
Hannah Doolan
2022 Zoe Gunasekera Oliver Crofts Senior Prefects:

Eliza Hogermeer                Ibtihaaj Koleoso                        India Jordan Jones
Ola Kawonczyk

Senior Prefects:

Ash Fowkes-Gajan
David Sleeman
Jacob Hirschkorn
Liam Finnegan

2021 Sophie Ingham Gregoire Denjean Senior Prefects:

Annabel Hall
Megan Boulton                   Eleanor Vincent
Lucy Cameron

Senior Prefects:

Emmanuel Granger-Knight
Alex Morgan
Patrick Whitman
Luke Tebbutt

2020 Julia Males Daniel Hughes Paola Barreca

Senior Prefects:
Jemima Atputharatnam
Neve Mayes
Rachel Williams

Yusuf Story

Senior Prefects:
John Adibpour
Daniel Heymoz
Alfie Marriage-Massey

2019 Tara Daemi Luther Lisk Sarah Kapplani-Mucaj

Senior Prefects:
Millie Wright
Maxine Borden
Dorothy Burrowes

Warren Brown

Senior Prefects:
Lennard Metson
Nick Scott
Dhillon Shukla

2018 Niamh Griffin Christopher Dunkin Livia Barreca

Senior Prefects:
Hannah Andrusier
Issy Boffey
Annie Hallam
Zara Lock

Theo Charalambous

Senior Prefects:
Jonathan Anderson
Dylan Grice
Tom Mills

2017 Emma Skelly Greg Young Rachel Hughes

Senior Prefects:
Hannah Anjorin
Molly Lodge
Mimi Zhao

Jonathan Atputharatnam

Senior Prefects:
Will Debnam
Dan Kwok
Seth Taylor

2016 Ana Ovey Sam Mason Rosina Acosta
Stef Borden
Phil Hobbs
Dan Coomey
2015 Kristiana Grigoriadis Conor O’Shea Katie Prior
Charlotte Evans-Young
Isaac Freckleton
Tristan Balakrishna
2014 Lauren Prentis Gareth Hilton Bavni Tulsani
Kelly-Anne Taylor
Sean O’Dea
Tom James
2013 Helen Rampton Jordan Shum Alice Robinson
Ellie Shipton
Xavier Hussain
Josh Sudell
2012 Nikki Zhao Jim Tilby Jones Eleanor Diamond
Esther Pickering
James Fitzgerald
Tasos Ikonomou
2011 Grace Wroe Ebo Dadey Pascale Frazer-Carroll
Romy Shum
Oliver Arnoldi
Ryo Harada
2010 Jenny Welsh Orlando Gibbons Zoë Johnson
Hatti Sudell
Alex Harris
Amit Thapar
2009 Florence Driscoll Jonathan Lyne Eliz Kilich
Ella Waldman
Arun Blair-Mangat
James Richardson
2008 Jessica Jupp Robert Campbell-Davis Mercedes Samavi
Amy Crichton
Jonathan Michael
Nilesh Gohil
2007 Belinda Urwin Rossa O’Keeffe-O’Donovan Lara Howe
Natalie Drew
Stavros Orfanos
Tom Whiter
2006 Katy Hanley Jonathan Griffiths Emma Lloyd-Jones James Arnoldi Jonathan Griffiths
2005 Charlotte Constable Simon Maine Charlotte Bates Jason Arthur
Robbie Cowbury
2004 Robert Wood Paula Reid Hannah Schmitz
Danielle Findlay
Luis Michael
2003 Anne-Marie Lyne Mark Liburd Mei-Lin Capes Jack Shenhar
2002 Alison Niblett David Needham Sian Kilkenny John Hanley
2001 Mary King Nicolaas van der Breggan Sian Dudley Tom Savage
2000 Rebecca Pike Christopher Nelson Anna Nagy Daniel Rogger
1999 Clare Gardner Andrew Cropper Victoria Bradburn Gareth Dace
1998 Natalie Eyles Peter Fry Laura Dorantt Neal Somchand
1997 Deborah Pearce Christopher Wood Louise Asher
Judy Parry
(Senior Prefect)
Luke Wikner
1996 Tanya Jordan James Thomas Tamsynne Westcott Luke Roberts
1995 Georgina Cross Richard Layton Elizabeth Copeman
Samantha Pearce
(Senior Prefect)
Daniel Cole
William Young
1994 Penelope Hobman Ahid Abood Clare Tweed Jonathan Parry
1993 Michelle Corneby Robert O’Hare Anna Rees Robert Trezona
James Waine
1992 Rachel Parry Steven Broome Kirsty Burrow Jonathan Teasdale
1991 Jennifer Buckland Stephen Green Rachel Amatt Steven MacMurray
1990 Nicola Beech Andrew Lloyd-Hughes Sarah Anderson Duncan Brown
1989 Asha Anatharajah Neil Hanley Jennifer Hillyard Mike Harding
1988 Nicola Woodward Paul Cox
1987 Nicole Graham James Kempson Alison Spurgeon (now Slevin) Thomas Wrigley
1986 Helen Williams Robin Gupta Sarah Gaunt (now McKeever) Stephen Trowell
1985 Katharine Wrigley Gavin Flook Paula Moore Glenn Taylor
1984 Briony Sutcliffe Steven Webb Simon Wrigley
1983 Maria Buonanno Removed on request Phyllida Northam Andrew Hutton
1982 Elizabeth Saunders Bankim Thanki Keith Paren
1981 Alison Bain Colin Hurlock Catherine Hooker (now Haisman)
1980 Veronica France Richard Hawkings Sarah King Paul Dudley-Smith
1979 Veronica France Richard Hawkings Sarah King Paul Dudley-Smith
1978 Maria Evandrou Alan Morton Julia Moss
1977 Janice Rothwell Perry Offer
Dame Alice Owen’s Schools – Potters Bar and Islington Boys’ and Girls’ Schools
1976 Helen Ward
Janice Naylor
John Whiterow
Neil Matthews
1975 Lorna Kent
Gillian Smith
Earle Forbes
Mark Grout
1974 Linda Ansley
Frances Gibson
Mark Hanson
Jeffrey Marr
1973 Janice Clift
Dame Alice Owen’s Schools – Islington
Boys’ School Girls’ School
Head Boy Deputy Head Boy/s Head Girl Deputy Head Girl/s
1972 Adrian Dolling
Chris Robinson
Gillian Maidstone
1971 Peter Welch Pamela Brewer
1970 Colin Bull Jane Simpson (nee Hollinger)*
* Jane was a victim of the 1975 Moorgate Tube Disaster – a special commemorative memorial was unveiled in London in July 2013
1969 B E J Walsh
C J Collins
1968 J A Leather
C J Noble
J R Doran
Val Ward
Patricia Hopton
Sally Breeze
1967 P Moran
S B F Barnes
1966 Barry Gold Judith Heycock Carole Taylor( now Evans)
1965 Richard Denman Jacqueline Humphrey
1964 A B C Brown Margaret Nightingale Maureen Wright
1963 R Lathrope R M Hall Janet Spiller Susan Collins
Maureen Deadon
1962 P Kelly
R Lathrope
Carole Alexander Ann Millo
1961 D P Dallman Jacqueline Young Diane Emerson
Myra Singer
1960 P A Townley Gillian Heath Helen Culverhouse
Jill Moore
1959 Michael Williams Marcia Everett Jean Campell
Jennifer Capper
1958 Tom Jupp
M H Wearing
Anthea Cornell Kathleen Carson
Barbara Cryle
Rosalind Chiswell
1957 J S Everton Brian Hands Dorothy Fisher
1956 K R Thorpe Jean Cook
Elizabeth-Anne Foster
1955 John A Langford
Returned to become Head of Chemistry until 1973
Valerie Arnold
1954 Dennis Poulter Monica Ranger Annie Lawton
(now Cole)
1953 M R Harold
A H Gammage
Catherine Eaton (now Badrick)
1952 A C Elder
A W J Knight
Anthony Moore Valerie Dickinson Brenda Savoff
1951 L D Levy Jean Bell
1950 G M Croton Gwen Reilly
1949 L J Williamson Jean Oldfield
1948 J L Price
F A Beecham
Doris Barker
1947 C R Clark
W C Wright
JH M Pratt
Ann Cowan
1946 G A Goold
W R How
D C E Price
1945 L E Orgel
M Young
Hettie Fisher
1944 D G Bayly Margaret Darling
1943 L W Madden
D J Marshall
Nellie Page
1942 S J Waldman
H Caplan
1941 R E Davenport
1940 C Propper Joan Murray
1939 H A Moore Hope Allan
1938 C Claro Kathleen Murray
1937 J S T Looms Margaret Bangert
1936 J S T Looms Peggy West
1935 J B Wells Doris Pightling
1934 R F Bailey Eileen Trafford
1933 C H Ravenor
W J Coe
Hinda Lubner
Irene Whale
1932 C H Purkis Lilian Lown
Grace Martin
1931 A J Hagger Alice Stevens
1930 J R Cuthbertson Margaret Stevens
1929 G H G Dixon Joyce Jackson
1928 S W White
F G Hoyle
Violet Whapham
1927 W Wiseman Stella Jackson
Helen Childs
1926 D Arkell Constance Mace
Eileen Whapham
1925 E A Cope Hilda Sheffield
1924 J W Hunt
1923 L G Brandon
1922 H Hayden
1921 L R Pears
1920 A E Clark
1919 F L Grant
1918 G T Mitchell
1917 C E I Jones
1916 Oliver W Mitchell*
*became Headmaster 1939-1948
1915 H E Salmon
1914 J G Williams
1913 S W Grand
CJ B Smith
Dorothy Clapham
1912 H F James Muriel Landau
1911 H C Walter
G S Crossley
May Sylvester
1910 E Mills Winifred Sandon
1886 Amy Yeo