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‘Geography is a subject packed with excitement and dynamism that synthesises aspects of the world and helps us better understand its people, places and environments and the interactions between them.’ (GA,2014)

geography1Geography at Dame Alice Owen’s aims to equip students with a breadth of understanding and detailed knowledge of the complex world we live in. All students entering Owen’s are young geographers and we help them develop key geographical skills highly sought after by top universities and employers. Recently Geography has been promoted as one of the top facilitating subjects sought by Russell group universities including Oxford and Cambridge.


Fieldwork is an important part of ‘real world’ geography, as such we continue to develop a range of opportunities for our students to travel and experience geography first hand in many places around the UK and the world. These trips are hugely popular, successful and have included places all over the world.

From Years 7 to 9, students follow a dynamic syllabus which helps develop their understanding of the world around them and gets students to think like a geographer. The progress made in these years allows students to achieve very well at GCSE geography.

At GCSE, we follow the OCR B syllabus (9-1). This course, new for 2016, is an enquiry based course and comprises of three papers; human, physical and a decision making paper. As part of the course there is a week-long residential trip. All exams are at the end of year 11.

Many of the students after GCSE go on to study A Level Geography. We follow the AQA A level syllabus, a new course for 2016. As part of the course there is a residential trip, where students conduct a geographical research project and this forms their Non-Examined Assessment. There are two papers and a coursework at A level. All exams are taken in year 13.

Geography can be seen all around us and is in the news constantly. Keeping up to date with current affairs of a social, economic, environmental and political nature is core to being a great geographer.

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Mr R Titley (Head of Geography)