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Studying Economics will help you to learn about the main economic issues that affect our standard of living. For example:

  • What is happening to unemployment in the UK?
  • Why does the government want to keep inflation low?
  • Why are most of the poorest countries in the world in Africa?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of economic growth?
  • How can Economists help to reduce pollution?
  • Are supermarket price wars really in the public interest?
  • Should the UK leave the European Union?
  • Should the government raise taxes to spend more on education and health care?
  • What will the world be like when you retire?

Economists are trained to look closely at the costs and benefits of proposed actions to help policy makers take the right decisions. For example, the decision to leave the European Union might have advantages for the UK as well as disadvantages.

Studying GCSE and A Level Economics will enable you to understand the key issues that affect everyday life in the UK and therefore take an informed part in public debate.

The course followed at GCSE is that of the OCR Examination Board. The Economics A level is that of the Edexcel Examination Board. Please see documents below.

Mr G Simpson (Head of Economics)