DAOS Eco Committee at YouthCOP 2022

Four enthusiastic Eco Committee members (Andrew, Zackaryaa, Aoife and Charlie) took part in the first annual YouthCOP 22 at Hertford County Council on Monday 26th September 2022. Working alongside other students, they participated in an En-Roads Simulated Climate Debate activity where students were able to make decisions on how and where we produce carbon dioxide emissions around the world and to see the effects of each decision on a global scale. They were able to get the increase in global temperature down to 1.7 degrees Celsius – so it is possible if we work together! In the afternoon, students and teachers from different schools shared challenges they face when trying to make their schools more sustainable and ideas on how to overcome them.  The experience provided us with lots of great ideas that we can bring back to DAOS to make it even more sustainable.

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