National Careers Week 2023

National Careers Week runs for the first week of March and this year, Dame Alice Owen’s had the pleasure of welcoming back 12 alumni to deliver their careers talks to students in Block J. 

Careers Week is an extremely valuable way for the students to hear real life experiences from people who have walked a similar path. The talks allow the students to not only learn about career options, but also to see the potential flexibility of careers and how it is possible to end up in a very different place to where you may have initially imagined. At this stage it is beneficial for them to know that the decisions they make now, whilst important, do not have to define their lives and careers.

This year we had talks from a plethora of industry including a VAT Accountant, a Vet, a Project Manager working in Human Rights, a Head Teacher, a NHS Digital Manager, Head of London Symphony Orchestra Discovery, a Surgeon, and a Company Stage Manager for a theatre.

A wonderfully eclectic mix of careers and a great pupil turn out to listen and learn. 

A huge thank you to all of the alumni who have offered their time and experience this week. If you are an alumni who feels that you might be willing to step up and offer a careers talk next year, please do not hesitate to get in touch! 

Owen’s Alumni

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