Culture & Identity Day 2023

Culture day is our annual, student-led event where everyone is encouraged to publicise their own cultures and identities and celebrate diversity and inclusivity. This year we had 20 stalls celebrating religions and cultures from around the world as well as the LGBTQ+ communities.

Tristan Balakrishna, one of our Governing Body, joined us on the day and said:

“Many stalls had brought food and drink from their local culture – among other things, I had a chance to sample a delicious Iranian curry, a Russian cake, a South Asian mango lassi and a Brazilian cocoa dessert. The stall runners had brought printed recipes with them to teach event attendees about their favourite home-cooked dishes, and why they are important. A special shoutout to the chefs in the Iran stall, who assured me that I could purchase sumac at any leading supermarket and recreate the dish myself!

It was not just a culinary delight. Each of the stall-runners were passionate about their cultures and happy to teach all interested parties. I was given 200 years of Hong Kong history by a student who claimed she had only just started revising Hong Kong last week, I was taught about the wealth of different cultures across Africa, I was quizzed on the leading LGBTQ+ figures in history and I was given a briefing on some of the most important facets of Jewish festivals… Students and staff alike were genuinely curious to learn something new about a culture they previously knew little about; each of the stall-runners were articulate in their knowledge, and evidently proud to showcase something dear to them.

The event was full of energy and attendees were excitedly quizzing each stall-owner about their cultures. Even more energetically, there was a constant string of various dance sets by student groups. Special mention to the Greek & Cypriot, South Asian, and Irish dances – but all were brilliant.”

Congratulations to all the students who ran stalls as well as to the Senior Student Team who pulled the event together.

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