A Level Art Life Drawing Trip to Candid Arts Trust, Islington

Earlier this month, the Art Department organised a Life Drawing trip of our A Level students.

The session was led by Calvin Richards at the Candid Arts Trust, Islington and the experience was a huge success with excellent student feedback.

Ola in Year 12 said, “To put it simply, the experience was fantastic and really enjoyable: never having done life drawing before, I didn’t have any expectations going into it, only aiming to learn some new techniques and broaden my artistic horizons. However, writing this now having done the class, I can really say it was incredible. It taught me to not be so careful with my work and explore art in a much freer and looser manner. The teaching offered was priceless-receiving useful critiques on how to better capture the model, whilst preserving our own artistic styles. It was really an excellent opportunity that I would recommend to anyone who is trying to explore more progressive art routes, wants to develop their technique or really just enjoys art! I can’t wait to go again, thank you so much to the Art Department for organising such a brilliant trip!”.

Another student, Thekli, said, “I found that the life drawing session really helped me improve with the proportions of the human figure and drawing at a larger scale. The artist was very skilled and explained the process of drawing very clearly, especially in relation to drawing hands. I would definitely
return to the workshop in the future and found it to be a very valuable experience, which will
benefit towards my A Level.”.

Thank you to Ms Grigson and Ms Stark for your efforts in organising and leading this valuable trip.

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