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Note: FAQ’s for Parents – Please refer to our comprehensive FAQs list before contacting the school with any queries. This will enable our Admissions Office to deal with priority calls – thank you.

Secondary Transfer 2019

Secondary Transfer September 2020 (current Year 5 children) and Online Test Registration

The Test Registration Form (TRF) will be available here from 9am on Wednesday 15th May until 6pm on Wednesday 19th June 2019.

If you are interested in applying under our musical aptitude or academic criteria your child will need to sit assessment tests.

Before registering you should:-

  • Read our Admissions Arrangements for Secondary Transfer 2020. This will give you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with our admissions rules.
  • Ensure your Child’s permanent address is within one of our Local Priority Areas. Children from outside of these areas are not eligible to be considered under these criteria and therefore cannot take our tests.
  • Ensure your child is available for the dates of the tests as detailed on our Key Dates page.
  • Complete the online Test Registration Form. Please note we are unable to accept test registration requests after the published date of 19th June 2019.

Our Verbal Reasoning paper will be produced by GL Assessment. Familiarisation papers for all tests can be accessed here.

See Key Dates for an up to date timeline of dates.

Secondary Transfer Application Information

The information below is intended to give you further information about the School and the Admissions process.

Admission Arrangements Key Dates Familiarisation Papers
Results Entrance Exam Information EHCP Applications
Access Arrangements Music Test Information


22 places are allocated every year (under criterion 2) to applicants living closest to the School. The map below shows the furthest distance allocated to over the past 3 years. Sometimes we are able to offer further distance places under criterion 7. The student audit reports below show how many places have been allocated under distance year on year.

It is recommended that parents who live in close proximity to the School, read the Verification of “Permanent Home Addresses” document on the Overview page.

Historical Information – Allocation of Places

Reports show how places were allocated on 1st March each year according to our Admissions criterion.

Appeal Process

Information about the appeal process can be found on our Admissions Overview page

Secondary Transfer September 2019

Continuing Interest

Please refer to our In Year Applications page for information on continuing interest.

Movement on Lists

Academic Places have been offered up to and including ranked position number 120.

Music Places have been offered up to and including ranked position number 15.

Distance Criterion 2 – the furthest home-school distance we have been able to allocate a place to is 442.99 metres from the address point for the school.

Please find below a report showing how places were allocated under each criteria: